Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Y673 Seminar in Institutional Analysis and Development

With a great deal of help from Armando Razo (IU Political Science), Lin Ostrom's personal assistant Nicole Todd, and several other Workshoppers, the revised topic list and syllabus for Lin's seminar are now just about complete (although we're still awaiting reading assignments from a few visiting lecturers).

The topic list is substantially revised from when Lin last taught it in Fall 2011, but it still remains essentially her course.

Week 1: Introduction to the Seminar (The Workshop and the "Bloomington School")
Week 2: Institutions
Week 3: Organizations
Week 4: Frameworks: Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) and Social-Ecological Systems(SES)
Week 5: Models and Methods
Week 6: Policymaking: Law and Social Norms
Week 7: Property
Week 8: Development and Social Capital
Week 9: Contributions of Vincent Ostrom to Institutional Analysis
Week 10: Polycentric Approaches to Policy
Week 11: Bureaucratic Forms of Organization and their Potential Control
Week 12: Ongoing Projects on Social-Ecological Systems
Week 13: Application of the IAD and SES Frameworks to Your Puzzles
Week 14: Puzzles and Challenges of Development

Readings will average 100-200 pages per week. I will be (co-)leading the seminar for six of the weeks; Armando will be (co-)leading it for four of the weeks. Other scheduled (co-)leaders include Jimmy Walker, Mike McGinnis, Graham Epstein, Barbara Allen, Bill Bianco, Michael Cox, and Sergio Villamayor. As always, the seminar will conclude with a one (or two) day "mini-conference," at which student papers will be presented and discussed by Workshoppers from various IU departments.

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