Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Ride

Orchard ride with  Jim. Not too much climbing (a little over 1100 feet) on this route, including up Old 37 into Hindustan, up Kinser Pike coming back towards 37 from Bottom Rd, and up Old 37 to Bethel. What really gets me more than those real hills are the long slow slogs, like the one up Kinser Pike from 37 to Bloomington North High School.

We went out pretty hard today, averaging 18.5 mph for the first 15 miles. I felt I was crawling by the time I got back home, averaging just under 17 mph for the whole ride. Of course, when we started the temperature was 82 degrees and by the time I got home the thermostat read 88. Maybe that had something to do with it (ya think?).

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