Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Good Start

Both of my classes are off to a good start. Only PhD students are in the Ostrom seminar, so I've had no concern about their quality or commitment. But my other course is Law & Economics, which I'm teaching to both grad students and undergrads at SPEA. So far, at least, the undergrads seem as eager and engaged as the grad students in the class. I hope that continues.

I also hope to continue another trend. My car has not left the garage yet this week, as I've commuted to school by bike each day. In fact, I've been on the bike each of the last 8 days for anywhere from 40 minutes (the length of my commute) to two hours.

With no classes on the schedule today, I got out for a 30-mile ride this morning up to Morgan-Monroe State Forest and back. Plans for the rest of the day include refereeing a paper for a political science journal, finishing Part VII of Adam Smith's A Theory of Moral Sentiments, and prepping classes for next week.

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