Friday, July 6, 2012

Thoughts on TdF Stage 6

I didn't get to watch today's stage live, but watched the replay this evening.

1. What absolute carnage!!!

2. These are great riders. They can't have forgotten how to ride close quarters, can they?

3. Perhaps it's the addition of two more teams to the race, with 9 riders each, fighting with everyone else for prime position. Or maybe the average age and experience level of the peloton has dropped. Or maybe riders are just less respectful of one another's "personal space" than they used to be.

4. Or maybe it's always been like this, but it just seems worse this time around.

5. What the heck was Frank Schleck doing in the middle of the peloton (instead of up front with his teammates, where he should have been)? He was caught in the melee and lost huge chunks of time, and really any chance he might have had at winning. (To be fair, I don't think he had much of a chance to begin with because there are still two individual time-trials to come, and he can't ride a time-trial to save his life.)

6. Schleck wasn't the only big loser today; Gesink, Hesjedal, and Valverde also lost big chunks of time.

7. Sagan is amazing. Let's see how he climbs mountains tomorrow. :-)

8. Andrei Greipel is a MAN. Bleeding from arms and legs, he still went for the third win in a row, and just came up short. UPDATE: After the race, it emerged he had also suffered a dislocated shoulder.

9. Tomorrow begins a whole new race. Cancellara will start the day in yellow, but who will have it at the end of the day?

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