Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thoughts on TdF Stage 10

1. Voeckler must have been dogging it during the Tour's first week, complaining about a sore knee. No one wins a stage like this one with a bad knee.

2. Scarponi, who I picked out in my stage preview as a contender for the win today, came second.

3. How amazing is Jens Voigt? Third place on a stage with an Hors Categorie climb after being out on the attack all day? After working so hard for his team all last week to keep Cancellara in yellow? After killing it in Monday's time trial? At age 40 (and rapidly approaching 41)? This cannot possibly be his last Tour. There's a reason why Jens is among the most popular cyclists among other cyclists; and he showed it again today. UPDATE: Here is Jensy's own take on today's stage.

4. Team Sky still look too tough to beat. Wiggins still had two teammates with him over the last climb, which made it next to impossible for either Evans or Nibali to escape on the descent to the finish. Still a long way to go, but unless someone can find some chinks in Team Sky's armor, I don't see anyone putting big time into Wiggo.

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