Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thoughts on Stage 14

1. Peter Sagan is a beast! As the French would say, formidableFor him to hang with the breakaway through both first category climbs was really amazing. Likewise Gilbert. 

2. I was shocked - shocked - that, after all that work, neither Sagan nor Gilbert closed the deal. Perhaps they expended too much energy trying to get over the climbs, leaving too little in the tank for the finale. In any case, Luis Leon Sanchez was able to ride away from them and the other breakaway riders in the final five kilometers for a solo win. 

3. Finally, a stage win for the decimated Rabobank squad, which has only four riders left in the race.

4. Sagan did get some consolation, basically locking up the competition for the Green Jersey on today's stage.

5. Some idiot(s) threw a bunch of  tacks on the road at the top of the final climb. Evans had to stop three times for flat tires. Wiggins flatted. So too did several other riders. A total of 30 tire punctures, according to post-race reports. What an incredibly stupid and dangerous thing to do. Does Jeremy Clarkson have an alibi?

6. Kudos to Sky and Liquigas for not taking advantage of Evans' triple misfortune with the tacks on the road. They neutralized the race so that Evans wouldn't lose any time. I wonder whether Contador would have attacked, had he been in the race?

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