Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thoughts on the Second TdF Rest Day

Loyal reader David Kaplan raises several important questions about today's rest day in the Tour de France: (1) Who is resting hard and who is just going through the motions of faux-rest as a deceptive tactic? (2) Is resting done best as a team or as a hard solo effort? (3) Does today change the GC rankings?  (4) What type of shirt is given out for the top rester of the tour? And, perhaps most importantly, (5) how do the podium girls dress when awarding this honor?

In lieu of actually answering his questions, here are several discrete thoughts about today's lack-of-stage:

1. Today's rest day abandoned the tour after Jens attacked it.

2. An even bigger idiot threw tacks out on the road today.

3. Peter Sagan spent his rest day sprinting and working on victory celebrations.

4. Leopard-Trek riders spent much of the rest day filling out loan applications to pay their hotel bills.

5. The podium girls have to do whatever Bernard Hinault tells them, or else...!

6. On a more serious note, I do believe that the Tour should implement a master's competition with a silver jersey for riders over 35.

7. If there were a jersey for best rester (let's call it "The Snuggy"), I would win it.

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