Sunday, July 8, 2012

TdF Stage 9 Preview

Tomorrow is the second individual time trial of the Tour (counting the Prologue), but the first long one. As you can see from the profile below, it is not pancake flat, but only a little lumpy; there are no categorized climbs. I can't see anyone other than Cancellara winning, although Tony Martin could make it interesting, if he has recovered sufficiently from injuries suffered in crashes last week. Even though they are both relatively strong time trialists, I don't see either Evans or Wiggins beating Cancellara tomorrow (the final tt on the penultimate stage of the race could be a different story, however). As between the two of them, I think they're pretty evenly matched in the race against the clock, but Wiggins clearly has the advantage of starting last.

Long time trial stages are among the least interesting to watch on television. But I expect the final hour of tomorrow's coverage could be unusually good.

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