Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TdF Stage 17 Preview

Another hard day in the Pyrenees, this time featuring a first, second, and third category climbs in the first half of the race, followed by a climb up the HC Port de Bales and finishing atop of the 1st category double-peaked climb up the Peyresourde and the Peyregudes. Having lost big time on Stage 16, Cadel Evans may seek to get away relatively early (perhaps on the slopes of the Port de Bales) in an effort to recoup his losses. That assumes, of course, that he gets over the stomach ailment that set him back today. Look for Voeckler to be on the attack again in an effort to secure ownership of the polka dot jersey in the King of the Mountains competition. Who else will come out to play in Stage 17? Van den Broeck has to try. And perhaps a few lower-ranked climbers kept their ammo dry today but have tomorrow's stage circled on their calenders for an all-out attack. One final flyer of a prediction: We might see Basso try to get into a breakaway in Stage 17, so that Nibali will have someone up the road to bridge up to on a later all-out attack on the yellow jersey.

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