Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday (Heat Exhaustion) Ride

Dr. Jim picked me up this morning at 9 am for a 40 mile ride up into the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, then West on Paragon across 37, Burkirk down to Dittemore, back East across 37 to Old 37 and home. Three big climbs on route, including Beanblossom Hill, Buskirk Hill, and Firehouse Hill. 2790 feet total climbing.

By the time we crossed 37 coming back in I was toast. The temperature hit 95 degrees during the ride, and it felt hotter than that in the sun; not a breath of wind was stirring. An air-conditioned home has never felt so good.

Because I was riding, I missed the live coverage of today's Tour stage, but I'm watching now and will post "thoughts" later.

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