Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Radio Interview

I'm not normally what anyone would call a media maven. I ordinarily avoid doing radio/tv interviews because I find most issues far more complex than the popular media can tolerate. They want short and sweet (that is, unambiguous) answers, while I tend to speak in full paragraphs that are not always conclusive.

This morning, however, I had a pleasant experience talking with a producer from BBC Radio 4 in London. The interview was for a weekly obituary program (I kid you not), called "Last Word," which airs Friday afternoons (UK time). Of course, they were interviewing me for a episode about Lin Ostrom. I think I managed to get through the interview without saying anything foolish or stupid, but my answers were probably a bit long-winded and will require some good editing. The episode is scheduled for broadcast a week from this Friday (7/13). BBC Radio 4 streams live on-line.

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