Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking TdF News

According to published news reports (see here), Frank Schleck has tested positive for a banned diuretic, and has withdrawn from the Tour de France, while awaiting testing of his "B sample." He is the first rider in this year's Tour to test positive for a banned (but not illegal) substance during the race. If the B sample confirms Schleck's use of the diuretic Xipamide, it will be very sad news for the rider, his family, and a team that has been dogged at this year's tour by allegations of a past doping conspiracy involving team owner Johann Bruyneel (see here).

A week ago, on the Tour's first rest day, police arrested Cofidis rider Remy de Gregorio pursuant to a  doping investigation that had been on-going for a year (see here).

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