Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Apology -

 - for not having blogged much lately. In the past two weeks, I've spent five days in conferences, and much of the other days preparing for those conferences.

First was a conference co-sponsored by the Center for Knowledge Diffusion. The (somewhat ambiguous) topic concerned striking an appropriate balance between competition and cooperation on scientific research in a globalized 21st century. Participants included an economist from the OECD and a representative of the National Science Foundation.

This week, the Liberty Fund sponsored a conference on "The Bloomington School, the New Science and Art of Association, and Cultivating Self-Governing Citizens," which of course focused on the work of both  Ostroms. Participants included Vernon Smith, Ken Shepsle, and several "Workshoppers" from around the country.

Fortunately, both conferences were here in Bloomington - indeed, at the Workshop - so I did not have to travel to attend them. They were both  interesting and educational. It was an honor for me to be invited to participate in them.  

The Liberty Fund conference was an especially invigorating experience, as it emphasized just how important it is to keep Vincent and Lin Ostrom's legacy and their Workshop alive. Carrying on Lin's work on the Social-Ecological Systems framework (among her other endeavors) is of obvious importance. But, while Vincent's work current out of fashion, my guess is that eventually political theorists and political-economists will "rediscover" it and then spend several generations carefully thinking through, interpreting, and arguing over his dense and idiosyncratic, highly original, but never systematically expostulated, theories and arguments. 

I hope to get back to blogging on substantive issues soon, though right now my energy level is at low ebb. I'm actually thinking of going away for a few days of real vacation, which is something I haven't done in years.

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