Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Afternoon Ride

I'm getting ready to head off to a conference in Berkeley tomorrow, where I'll be making two presentations on different panels (more on that later). I've been very busy trying to get those presentations ready, while taking care of various smaller projects that were due this week (P&T letters, article edits, etc.). But I really needed to get a good ride in before leaving town for the weekend.

Dr. Jim and I took off around 3 pm on a 38 mile ride out on Old 37 past Hindustan to Morgan-Monroe State Forest; up the Forest Road and down Beanblossom (is there anything more fun for a big rider, like me, than riding down Beanblossom?); around Lake Lemon; south on 45 to Robinson; down Nehrt and Lentz to Boltinghouse (but not up that damn hill); back to Old 37, up Firehouse Hill, and home. Just about 2.5 hours and just over 2900 feet of climbing.

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