Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday Coach Bob

Yesterday, Coach Bob celebrated his 50th birthday (in part) at the regular Tuesday evening Nebo Ridge training ride, followed by a party (with cake) at a local watering hole. Happily for me, Bob, his girlfriend Lynn, and old friend Chris Kroll (like me a denizen of Bloomington) decided to have an easy (for them) ride with the "C" group, which only averaged 19-20 mph for the 26-mile ride. It was nice for me to ride with the old Nebo group again - the first time I had been up for one of the training rides in about a year. And the party after the ride was even nicer, though I could not stay long.

Here are a couple of nice photos taken by Dr. Larry of Bob on his specially modified (by Larry) Specialized, standing in front of his birthday tribute and rolling along with caution sign on the back and streamers on the bar ends:

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