Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Ride

Just me and Dr. Jim for a 35-mile ride north on Old 37 past the State Forest, almost down to Martinsville. We crossed over 37 and headed way out West, where we discovered a new (for us) hill to climb on Buskirk Road. It's a longish climb with a max grade of 17%. We then headed back south to Bottom Road, by which time the wind was gusting up towards 20 mph in our faces. When we hit the climb leading back to 37, my legs were just about dead and I was beginning to wilt in the heat. But I made it back across 37, up Old 37 and back home. It wasn't a huge climbing ride, only about 2500 feet, but it was my fourth day in a row of riding (having ridden only that many times in the preceding three weeks). Tomorrow I will rest.

BTW, Karl would have loved today's ride.

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