Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heading Home from Holland

It's been a good trip. Josephine van Zeben did an excellent job on her dissertation defense, earning her PhD (in Law & Economics) cum laude (awarded to about 10% of all successful dissertations). The formal ceremony was very impressive (my wife said I looked fine in my cap and gown), and Josephine's diploma was among the largest and most beautiful I have seen. Needless to say, the celebration that followed with family and friends extended long into the night. My wife and I felt honored to be included in the festivities, which included (unsurprisingly) plenty of excellent food and drink.

Sunday, we took the train from Amsterdam to Groningen (who knew you could take a 2+ hour train ride in Holland without leaving the country?), where I gave a public lecture at the University yesterday. I'm pleased to say that the three discussants of my presentation were kind and gentle (though not completely uncritical), and I found their comments insightful. Below is a photo taken during my presentation.

I  enjoyed the company of several scholars I met on this trip, including Edwin Woerdman and Oscar Couwenberg (among others in Groningen), and Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Dean C.E. du Peron, and Deirdre Curtin (among others in Amsterdam). A lot of interesting work is going on at the intersection of law, economics, and environmental policy in Holland.

One ironic aspect of the trip: in Amsterdam, a city of one million bicycles, I traveled on foot.

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