Monday, May 7, 2012

Assault and Battery in the Giro

The bunch sprint in today's stage of the Giro was marred by a terrific crash caused by a beyond-reckless move by Roberto Ferrari (Androni-Venezuela), who in the final 300 meters lurched at least five feet to the right, taking out a hard-charging Mark Cavendish  and several other riders, including the maglia rosa Taylor Phinney, who suffered his second crash in as many days. Cavendish who looked to fall the hardest got up quickly and was able to carry his bike across the line. Phinney, who was on the ground for a long time with what looked like an ankle injury, eventually was able to make it to the finish as well, although it remains to be seen whether he'll be able to start tomorrow. No doubt the offending rider will be relegated, but I really hope he is tossed from the race for such a dangerous, amateurish, and harmful move.

Here are the final 10 kilometers. The crash comes, of course, towards the very end (note the magnificent bike-handling by Farnese-Vini rider Elia Favilli to hop over the prone Cavendish):

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  1. Saw that when watching. Agree that was "stupid" and "unprofessional".


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