Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wolves 0 - Arsenal 3

I only saw the last 15 minutes of this match against the bottom-dwellers. Given the Gunners recent defeat at QPR, a similar let-down seemed unlikely. Based on what I saw, and the announcers' assessment that Wolves played much better in the second half, it seems that Arsenal did not need to get out of third gear to get the win. The goals came from van Persie (from the penalty spot), Walcott and, in the second half, and Benayoun. Arsenal had a whopping 72% of the possession throughout the match, which is not all that surprising as Wolverhampton were playing with only 10 men from the 8th minute, after Bassong was red-carded for the foul that led to van Persie's penalty score.

With Tottenham's shock loss yesterday and Chelsea's tie, Arsenal now sit more comfortably in 3d place in the League Table, 5 points ahead of Spurs and Newcastle tied in 4th and 7 points clear of Chelsea in 6th. The Gunners will not win any silverware again this season, but few if any would have predicted even the possibility of a 3d place finish last September. Still, the side will have to be improved substantially over the coming summer, if they are to excel in the Champion's League and challenge the Manchester clubs for league dominance.

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