Monday, April 30, 2012

Ostrom Workshop Mini-Conference

Today is the semestral mini-conference at the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, where graduate students from the Worskshop seminar - in this case, my Property Theory seminar - and visiting scholars have their working papers presented in a conference atmosphere to help them learn the fine art of conferencing. Conference participants will include at least one Nobel laureate and one member of Time Magazine's 2012 list of the most influential individuals in the world (granted, it's the same person), and several other senior Workshoppers.

This semester's mini-conference is small, with only seven papers, but they're all really interesting:

Elizabeth Bockstiegel, "The Property Theory of Federal Reserved Water Rights"

Jesper Larsson, "Boundaries and Property Rights: The Transformation of a Common-Pool Resource, 1550-1850"

Chris Miller, "Reinterpreting the Commons: Climate Change, and Alternative Approaches to Resource Management"

Sanchayan Nath, "Ownership and Outcomes - The Case of Lakes and Wetlands in India"

Naveed Paydar, "Liking Land Rights to Livelihoods: Toward Upholding Women's Property and Inheritance Rights in the Developing World"

Jill Rountree, "Burdens of Proof as Rights in Property"

Runsheng Yin, "China's Forest Tenure Reform and Institutional Change in the New Century: What Has Been Implemented, What Remains to be Pursued, and How to Get it Achieved"

These are working papers that have not been publicly posted, but if any blog readers would like to receive a copy of any of them, let me know and I can ask the author's permission to send a copy.

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