Sunday, April 15, 2012

My New Home Office

The home office is the most important room in the house for me - the place I tend to spend the most time (aside from the bathroom). Ironically, it's the last room in the main part of our new house to be unpacked. We've been waiting to have bookcases and cabinets designed and built in, so that I somewhere to keep my books and other stuff. They were finally installed this past week, and even though I've only just started organizing it, already it's starting to feel like a comfortable work space for me. The carpenter we hired from Columbus, Indiana, on the strong recommendation of a colleague, did a masterful job. The unit fits perfectly into the room, as if it always was here.

I'm about half way done moving books out of cardboard boxes and onto bookshelves. And the attached desk space, which runs from one end of the unit, and one wall of the room, to the other already is covered in papers and books - giving the appearance of the structured messiness I seem to prefer. I'm now actually getting some work done in this room really for the first time since we moved into last November.

The next step: replace the windows in my office with some that actually can open and let fresh air into the room.

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