Monday, April 16, 2012

Arsenal 1 - Wigan 2

Once again, Arsenal fail to impress against a lesser opponent, this time at home to Wigan. To be fair, Wigan did beat Man U just a few days ago, but that was on their home field. Given Arsenal's recent disappointing loss to QPR, they should have been more than ready for this match. And yet...

I only saw the last 30 minutes of the game plus stoppage time, so I can't really comment on the whole match, but Wigan were good value for their victory in the part I saw. They defended well and played some real football, when they got possession. Arsenal did not threaten nearly enough in the final third. Theo Walcott seems to have pulled one of his too-frequent disappearing acts; I think I saw him take two or three touches at most.

It's a tremendously disappointing result for an Arsenal squad that recently have proven they can both beat any team in the league and lose to any team in the league.What are we to make of a squad that can soundly beat the likes of Man City and then lose at home to the likes of Wigan? Before today's match, the Gunners were sitting comfortably in 3d place. Their loss brings Newcastle, Chelsea, and Tottenham all back into the frame.  If Arsenal do not finish in the top three (or, more unthinkably, top four), they will look back with regret on losses against relative minnows like QPR and Wigan during the run-in.

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