Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Ride

Many thanks to Larry and Woz for making the trip down from Indy to ride with me and Jim around B-town today. It was a beautiful day for a 40-mile jaunt. We rode up Earl Young Hill, down Shiloh Road, and up Beanblossom hill into Morgan-Monroe State Forest. We took the Forest Road out to Old 37, and headed up into Hindustan, where we turned right at the Orchards. After crossing 37, we headed down the Bottom Road, which eventually took us  back across 37. We rode into downtown B-town and up Kirkwood onto the IU campus. Finally, we took Fee Road back across the Bypass and past Griffy Lake before heading up the hill home. 3075 total feet of climbing, and I of course was last up every hill. Amazing just watching how Tim and Larry go up hill.

We topped off the ride by driving over to the Scenic View restaurant on 446 for a good dinner overlooking Lake Monroe and Brown County.

I always appreciate good days with great friends, but never more than now.

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