Friday, March 30, 2012

Lots to Blog About, But Too Little Time

I did not get to listen to the oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the Affordable Health Care Act case, but I've read several commentaries on them. My personal view is that folks may be reading too much into questions Justices ask in oral arguments, which often are not an accurate guide to case outcomes. Anyway, I hope to get some time this weekend to share some thoughts on the case from both a legal-constitutional and political-economic perspective.

I also want to explain the new power plant regulations EPA proposed earlier this week, which are part of its larger package of regulations for dealing with greenhouse gases. However, I have to find time to read the regs and the Regulatory Impact Statement first. Among other things, I have to clarify in my own mind just how the new regs, which establish New Source Performance Standards for power plants, relate to the "Tailoring Rule," which establishes regulations for major sources, presumably including power plants, under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration regulatory program. Once I get all that worked out, I'll try to post an explanation of what precisely the new proposed regs would do and how they would relate to the various other greenhouse gas regulations EPA already has proposed, and which are currently undergoing judicial review.

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