Saturday, March 17, 2012

Congrats to Simon Gerrans and Green Edge

Today's Milan-San Remo was a fabulous race. Cavendish did not have the legs to get over the climbs. Anyway, it did not come down to a bunch sprint. Gilbert, who looked as good as he has all season so far, had his BMC team doing a lot of work at the front, but he went down in a crash before the final climb. The attacks started on the penultimate climb up the Cipressa, when Johnny Hoogerland went (as expected). He was reined in, but then Cancellara went on the Poggio, joined by Simon Gerrans and Vicenzo Nibali, who were both content to let Cancellara drag them to the line just seconds ahead of the chasing group. Just before the finish line, Gerrans came out of Cancellara's slipstream to pip the big Swiss rider. A bit unfair to Fabian, who did almost all the work and finished second for the second year running, but that's bike racing. Once again, the basic strategy for the Spring Classics - mark Cancellara - paid off. At least Gerrans took one pull at the front in the last couple kilometers. Nibali just sat at the back having what Gerrans called "a free ride." But he still finished third, indicating that he was in no position to help push the break even if he had wanted to.

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