Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Victory for Obama

In their unending quest to find a candidate even less electable than Mitt Romney, Republicans in yesterday's primaries in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado selected Rick Santorum. He's a lot like Newt, only less intelligent, more sincere (maybe), and slightly less crazy. Santorum's lack of nous, along with his unshakable conviction that his personal religious beliefs should determine the interpretation of each and every provision of the US Constitution, make him a highly attractive candidate for paleoconservative voters. Apparently, many such voters reside in the states of Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado. Those voters, will not, however, be determining the outcome of the general election in November. That election will, rather, be settled by a relative sliver of independent and moderate voters in a few battleground states. For that reason, Santorum's victory in yesterday's primaries is at least equally Obama's victory.

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