Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Administrative Overload (Warning: This Post Contains Venting)

Some scholars take a hiatus from blogging when they're working to finish up a major research project. I'm contemplating a hiatus for a much worse reason: since moving to Bloomington, I've gotten so loaded up with administrative responsibilities, ranging from service on various executive/advisory boards to fund-raising and conference-organizing, that I have barely enough time to prep my classes or read, let alone get any writing done. Some of these administrative responsibilities, particularly those relating to the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, are fully consistent with my own preferences. Nevertheless, I am sometimes nostalgic for my old life in Indianapolis, where I  mostly was left alone to focus on my work. Such a selfish attitude certainly is not admirable, but it seems necessary for many scholars (at least for me) to be productive. In any case, the burden of administration seems several magnitudes greater on the "flagship" campus here in Bloomington than it ever was  at the IU School of Law in Indianapolis (now the McKinney School of Law) or on the campus of IUPUI.

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