Friday, January 6, 2012

2 Days, 5 Hills

Between cold temps, icy roads, and short hours of daylight, outdoor rides in early January are rare enough in Central and South-central Indiana; outdoor rides on consecutive days in early January are rarer still - as rare as the warm spell we've had the last couple of days. Who cares that the wind was gusting up to 20 mph both days? With temps in the low-50s yesterday and 60 today, and plenty of sunshine both days, I was surprised not to see more cyclists on the road (notwithstanding the fact that thousands of students are still out of town). How nice to have this weather this week, when I could take advantage of it, rather than next week, when I'll be stuck in classes, committee meetings, etc. (BTW, for those of you who might be skeptical of the "academic lifestyle," this doesn't mean I'm not working this week, or working less hard, only that I have more flexible work hours during the winter "break.")    

Yesterday was a one-hour ride featuring climbs up Old Meyers, Earl Young, and Firehouse hills (in that order), and training stress score (TSS) of 92. Today, the ride was twenty minutes and 7 miles longer, with climbs up Earl Young and Old Meyers (in that order), and a TSS of 124. Total climbing for the two days: almost exactly 3000 feet. Not too bad for a large (putting it nicely) old guy (who is trying to become somewhat less large). 

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