Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arsenal 3- West Brom 0

It was a good result, but Arsenal did not play great. The scoreline is more a testament to West Brom's ineptitude than to the Gunners' offensive and defensive prowess. On offensive, they were potent but never really fluent. For long periods of time, Arsenal seemed to take their foot off the accelerator, as if they knew the game was no contest. On defense, they seemed to be hanging on at various points. Hopefully, this is not a sign of a new complacency stemming from their recent rediscovery of better form and  results. Given their position in the table (7th), they cannot afford to become complacent.

Arteta scored the best goal of the game, and played well throughout quarterbacking the offense. Other standouts for the Gunners were Ramsey (who set up the first goal with a beautiful pass that sliced open the West Brom defense), Song, Vermaelen (great to have him back in the center of defense) and his partner Koscielny (who has been something of a revelation lately); and of course Van Persie was leading from the front.

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