Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quote of the Day - Rick Reilly on Andrew Luck

Regular readers of this blog will know that, since it became clear that Peyton Manning would not be quarterbacking the Colts through most (if not all) of this NFL season, I've been rooting for the Colts win the big prize - not the Super Bowl or even a single game, but the right to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck (see here and here). It won't easy for the Colts to beat out the likes of Kansas (the team they play today) and Minnesota by losing the most games, but if they want to avoid 10 years or more in the quarterback wasteland after Manning finally calls it quits, this may be their only chance.

As Rick Reilly of ESPN notes in his column today (here), Luck is by consensus the best quarterback to come through the college ranks since Manning himself. Today's quote of the day comes from Reilly's article:
Luck is so indescribably good, I fully expect somebody to lose in their bye week.

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