Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chelsea 3 - Arsenal 5

I didn't get to see the match, as I'm in the midst of a conference. I certainly hope that it will be replayed on TV so that I can watch it when I get home; it appears to have been a fabulous match, and not only because the Gunners prevailed. Of course, the victory is the most important so far this season for the Gunners. It should give them great confidence going forward. Van Persie scored three goals, giving him 28 in 27 matches in 2011. Arsenal need to get him tied down with a new long-term contract.

UPDATE: I did get to see a replay of the game on ESPN3. After a defensively shaky first half, Arsenal shored up the back line in the second, and pretty much everyone played very well. Having slammed Theo Walcott after his performance last week, I have to give credit where it is due, and acknowledge that he had an excellent game, particularly in the first half, where his crosses were sharp and accurate (two of them should have, but weren't, converted into goals); and he scored a beautiful goal of his own on a great individual effort in the second half. Aaron Ramsey was also excellent, and Mikel Arteta continues to grow into his role, game by game. Gervinho is consistently dangerous on the wing. As I said earlier, this win is very big for the Arsenal.

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