Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colts Officially Enter the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

In a recent post, I asked whether the Colts should consider trading Peyton Manning at the end of this season in an effort to acquire the right to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, who will be the best QB to enter the draft since Manning himself.

Thanks to another neck surgery today, trading Manning is no longer a prerequisite to drafting Luck. Manning is officially out for at least the next two months and perhaps as long as the entire season. Consequently, the Colts might be able to earn the right to draft Luck simply based on their performance on the field.

The last thing I want to see this season is the Colts stumble and bumble their way to an 8-8 record. Better that they should actively compete for the worst record in the league, which would qualify them to draft Luck. What will it take? A 4-12 record? 3-13? I'm  not sure, but it won't be easy (unless Kerry Collins gets injured and Curtis Painter takes over) to compete with the likes of Cincinnati, which is truly among the worst teams I've ever since. But I have faith that the Colts can accomplish any goal they set for themselves. With the right kind of effort even 1-15 is possible.

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