Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best Ride in Bloomington So Far

Not because it was the fastest (it wasn't). Not because it was the hardest (it wasn't). It was the best ride so far because the weather was fabulous and, more importantly, my son was riding with me. We rode from our rental house across the east side of campus and north past Griffey Lake up (a nice 16-degree grade) to the house we are in the process of buying. Then, we checked his potential bike commute from that house to his school (Bloomington North), which also involved a nice little climb up Club House Dr. From the high school, we headed downtown to the farmer's market, before riding back to our rental house at Sare and Rogers.

We took it pretty easy for most of the 21-mile ride, but we still got in almost 1700 feet of climbing and my training stress score was 121 for 95 minutes of pedaling.

Tomorrow, I hope to get up to Indy to ride with the Wilkes/Raynor group.

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