Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arsenal Busy on Transfer Deadline Day

Already two new defenders, Santos and Mertesacker, in the squad, as expected. Looks like the Gunners will be adding two midfielders this evening, Mikel Arteta from Everton and Youssi Benayoun from Chelsea. No, they cannot replace Fabregas and Nasri in midfield, but they are two good players who will help temporarily to fix Arsenal's immediate problem. Now, if they could just prise Eden Hazard from Lille...

UPDATE: The transfer deadline has passed. No late surprises (unless Arsenal have another Arshavin surprise to announce the day after the transfer deadline). All in all, a good day's work I think. At least, the new signings should help the Gunners remain competitive for a Champion's League spot next season. I rate Arteta more highly than other Gunners' fans I've heard from; he certainly knows how to run an offense, and he's a terrific passer. Surrounded by better talent than he had at Everton, he will shine at the Emirates. Likewise, some Gooners seem less than thrilled by the signing of Mertesacker. True, he's not a conventional Wenger signing - he's big and not the fastest guy around. But neither were Tony Adams or Martin Keown, and how many Arsenal fans wouldn't want to see them back on the pitch. I'll stand by what I said earlier: assuming Mertesacker and Vermaelen both stay healthy, they will be one of the best defensive tandems, if not the best, in the league.

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