Friday, July 1, 2011

Still Waiting for Arsenal's Summer Spending Spree

After last season's debacle, the Arsenal brass virtually promised a spending spree this summer, aimed primarily at strengthening the defensive backbone of the club.

So, far we are seeing very little action, but all indications, so far, are of business as usual: a focus on attack and too little attention to defense. Wenger seems ready to sign Lille striker Gervinho, who would be a fine addition to the offense. But that's not a high priority need right now. In the meantime, the captain, Cesc Fabregas seems likely to be leaving for Barcelona, and Man City are bidding to lure away Arsenal's reliable left back Gael Clichy and the erratically brilliant midfielder Samir Nasri. Worst of all, two players who really should be on their way out - Tomas Rosicky and Denilson - are suggesting they might stay.

We can only hope that Arsene Wenger has a hand full of good cards, which he is playing very close to his vest (as he usually does). If not, this summer could turn out to be even more calamitous than Arsenal's late season collapse in the Premiership.

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