Friday, July 22, 2011

Outside on the Bike

I just came in from a short bike ride in the neighborhood with my son - my first ride since my left knee was scoped (for a meniscus tear) three weeks ago today. It felt great (if a little hot and bumpy) to be cycling outdoors again. I started very conservatively, just spinning at about 12 mph, but I wanted to test the knee a bit (without overdoing it), so I got up to around 18 mph with no tweaks or twinges. I consider it a successful experiment. Hopefully this means I can pack up my trainer for the rest of the summer. Still, I'm not planning on any hard jumps, standing efforts, or hill climbs for at least another few weeks. That will be a tough commitment to keep after we complete our move to Bloomington next week; I haven't yet found any flat roads to ride there.

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