Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Ride

It was great to be back on the bike, after the travails of this past week. My plane from Phoenix touched down just before 1 am last night. About 10 hours later, I was riding up Lafayette Road to meet the group at Fishback Academy. It was cold (mid-30s), and I didn't know what the group had in mind for the ride. Fortunately, nearly all of the seven hearty souls who showed up had ridden hard the day before, and were in the mood for a conversational ride up to our training grounds at the Anson industrial park. Once there, everyone did a few laps. Those who wanted more work, rode hard intervals. Those who wanted to take it easy (like I always do), rode at tempo pace (with a few harder efforts thrown in for good measure). Then, as a group, we rode at tempo pace (19-23 mph, depending on who was on the front) out to Whitestown, then back via Zionsville. All in all, a really good 40-mile ride that helped my mind to relax and my blood to flow again. Thanks to Bob, David, John, Anthony, Jonas, Brian R., and Lance (yes, I know, but it really shouldn't be a surprise to learn that more than one guy named Lance rides a bike)

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