Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Nebo Ridge Training Ride of 2011

Last year, I stopped riding/racing at Nebo Ridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I felt that the rides had gotten too crowded, too fast, and too squirrely. I heard something similar about the first week of Nebo rides last week, when unseasonably good weather brought out upwards of 80 riders. Today was colder (with temps in the mid-40s), but dry, and my buddies talked me into coming out. The first six or eight miles heading out were fast but well-mannered.

As usual, the fireworks started after we crossed Hwy. 32. Riders were all over the road, trying to gain position in order to avoid "stretching the elastic" on the first set of 90 degree turns. I was keeping up pretty well, until a car came up from behind with horn blaring, while another car seemed to be approaching in the opposite lane. That was my signal to drop out of the group, and start my own ride back. Fortunately, I connected with a couple friends, Roger and Scott, and we rode in most of the way together. All in all, I enjoyed the ride and got a good workout, but I got a bit chilly on the way in.

I doubt I'll do a lot of Nebo rides this year, but it was fun seeing a lot of friends I hadn't seen in several months. Although I'm no longer a member of the Nebo Ridge team or club, its a great group of people.

Tomorrow, hill repeats are on the menu, if I can get home from a social function at school in time.

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