Saturday, March 12, 2011

Delta Has More Heart than US Airways

After my sister flew to Arizona this week to take care of my mother, who had suffered an ultimately fatal stroke, she was forced to delay her return home to New Orleans. I arrived in Arizona a couple of days after my sister (but before my mother died), and I had to return home a few days earlier than scheduled, so that I could get my family to Chicago in time for the burial there. I had purchased flight insurance for just that eventuality. However, I still had to pay US Airways (via upfront a change fee of $351. The travel insurances policy  eventually should compensate me for that charge, within a few months, after I send in all the correct documents. My sister, who was flying Delta, called and explained the situation to them, and they waived their flight change fee because of the circumstances.

Kudos to Delta for their sensitive approach to this situation, which I believe is also probably the best business practice in the long run. I, for one, will prefer Delta over US Airways, whenever I have a choice between them in the future.

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