Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Republican Control of State Government Means (in Indiana)

For the first time in a long time, the Republican Party controls the Indiana Governor's office and both houses of the state legislature. So, what items are at the top of the Republican legislative agenda? Cutting taxes, creating jobs, and shoring up the financial state of the state? Not so much. So far, the legislative proposals I've been reading about in the local newspaper are (1) a legislative declaration that life begins at conception and (2) a carbon-copy of Arizona's immigration law. Well, if you can't pander to your ideological base when you have complete control of the levers of power, when can you?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions. My apologies to our hard-working, focused, and freedom-loving state legislators.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Governor Mitch Daniels, to his credit, has called on his own party to declare a truce on social issues and focus on putting the state on a more secure fiscal footing.

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