Monday, February 21, 2011

Principles of Law and Economics, 2d Edition (forthcoming summer 2011)

Peter Grossman and I have just completed the final revisions of chapters for the second edition of our Principles of Law and Economics textbook, which should be published in plenty of time for the Fall 2011 semester by Kluwer/Aspen. We did not change the overall structure or organization of the book, but worked in several new cases (while weeding out some old ones), added more game theory applications throughout, and slightly increased the coverage of intellectual property issues. The Table of Contents remains the same:
  1. Economic Concepts and Institutions
  2. An Introduction to the American Legal System
  3. Putting Law and Economics Together: Frameworks, History, and Perspectives
  4. "The Problem of Social Cost" and Modern Law and Economics
  5. Property I: Acquisition
  6. Property II: Protection
  7. Property III: Limits
  8. Contracts I: Formation and Enforcement
  9. Contracts II: Remedies
  10. Torts I: Negligence
  11. Torts II: Strict Liability
  12. Torts III: Reform
  13. Crime and Punishment
  14. Antitrust and Regulated Industries
  15. Environmental Protection
We are very pleased with the way the book has worked for us in our classes, and even more pleased with the great support from Kluwer/Aspen, which will be marketing the book for both undergraduate and law school use. 

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