Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EPA to Issue New Regulations to Regulate Toxins in Drinking Water

While it faces Republican attempts not just to prevent it from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (see here), but to shut it down entirely (see here), the EPA, to its credit, pressing ahead with plans to issue much-needed regulations to reduce and prevent contamination of drinking water supplies by carcinogenic and toxic substances that are commonly found in drinking water supplies. The New York Times has the story here. The EPA's official announcement is here.

Unfortunately, Republicans are playing politics with a very important federal agency that has contributed greatly to improving public health and welfare since its creation in 1970. Not all EPA regulations are well-founded, efficient or effective (and those specific regulations should be amended or eliminated), but many EPA regulations and programs are both effective and efficient. Indeed, the Clean Air Act is, overall, among the most effective and efficient government social-welfare programs ever implemented.

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