Friday, December 24, 2010

I Support the Cyclists' Boycott of Vail, Colorado has the story (here and here), which sheds an interesting light on the values and decision-making of Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hulbert, who declined to seek a felony conviction against a wealthy Smith Barney financial manager, after he drove off the road and hit a cyclist, causing serious injuries (including bleeding from the brain and a broken spinal cord), and then fled the scene, leaving the cyclist for dead. DA Hulbert allowed the driver to plead to a misdemeanor involving no jail time, allegedly out of concern that a felony conviction might have serious employment consequences for the driver. Very touching, Mr. Hulbert's solicitude for the driver.

In a previous case, the same District Attorney had diligently pursued a felony conviction for "criminal impersonation" against a woman mountain biker for competing in the Leadville 100 bike race on someone else's entry. That woman subsequently lost her job as a school teacher.

The next person who should lose his job is District Attorney Mark Hulbert for making an ass of the law in Eagle County, Colorado.

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