Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 64th Birthday Rick Nielson

The legendary song-writer and guitarist for Cheap Trick. Anyone who was a teenager in the 1970s on the North Shore of Chicago and had an interest in music followed the trajectory of Cheap Trick's career from the clubs in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin all the way to the world's biggest concert venues.

Instead of showing a  video of a Cheap Trick performance (I highly recommend the series of videos from their Music for Hangovers DVD, available on YouTube), the video below is a little more personal for me. It shows Rick sitting in and playing his song "Downed" with a band led by a guy I knew growing up, Nick Tremulus. At the start of the video, Nick tells a story about one of the best friends I ever had, the late-lamented Kevin Kelly, who was also friends with the guys in Cheap Trick. Nick joined Kevin's band, Rock Service, just after John Osmon and I had left it (John for the Navy, me for college in LA).

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