Friday, December 31, 2010

December and Year-End Cycling Wrap-Up

The best thing I can say about this December is that it ended well, with a nice 30-mile ride with the guys (David, Karl, Brian R., and Jonas). The wind from the South was pretty fierce, gusting up over 20 mph, but the expected rain held off, and the temperature rose to a balmy 60 degrees. Unfortunately, it was my first and only outdoor ride in December, which, as anyone who lives in Indianapolis knows, has been a terrible month for cycling. Winter weather came several weeks early this year and did not let up until literally the last day of the month. Total mileage for the month, included indoor rides, was only 120 miles, in part because left knee pain kept me off the bike for a couple of weeks. Total mileage for the year is 4700 miles, down substantially from last year. My crash in early August probably cost me 800-1,000 miles.

My goal for 2011 is to ride longer but not necessarily faster. I enjoy less and less killing myself to keep up with the group going 23-27 mph. I'd rather ride farther and easier. So, I hope to get back above 5,000 miles next year, and maybe closer to 6,000.

See you all on the roads in 2011!

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