Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arsenal 2 - Fulham 1

Samir Nasri has been outstanding all season. Today, in the absence of Cesc Fabregas, Nasri showed that he just might be the best player in the Premier League this season. He scored both goals, the second of which is a goal-of-the-year candidate, in a hard-fought 2-1 win at home to Fulham. For the first 20 minutes, the match looked to be a walk in the park for the Gunners, as Fulham were not in the game at all. But things changed dramatically when, against the run of play, Fulham scored to tie the match at 1. After that, the Gunners were on the back foot for the rest of the first half.

From the start of the second half, the Gunners slowly regained their form, though they never dominated possession as they had in the first part of the first half. They always seemed fragile on defense. After Nasri scored his second, with about 12 minutes remaining, Fulham threw everything they had to score an equalizer, but Arsenal hung on for the victory.

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