Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Alf Wight (1916-1995)

Better known under his pen-name James Herriot, his book All Creatures Great and Small and subsequent fictionalized accounts of life and veterinary practice in Yorkshire, England before, during and after World War II have delighted readers (myself included) on both sides of the Atlantic. In my house, we not only read the books, but listened to them on tape during road trips when the kids were young, and we all gathered round the TV set to watch the BBC-produced series, based on the books, staring Christopher Timothy, Robert Hardy, and Peter Davison. I have often wondered whether the Herriot books had a bit of "Merry England" about them - was it really so idyllic as all that? But no matter, the stories are delightful and Herriot told them so well.

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