Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Science Minister Supports Book Denouncing Science

CORRECTION: My reading of the Daily Mail was inaccurate. Ireland's Science Minister, Conor Lenihan, did not author the anti-evolution book, but was to participate in an event to help launch the book. He ultimately pulled out of that event. Thanks to the commenter who pointed out the error.

John May, who is a friend of Ireland's science minister, is publishing a book denouncing evolution as a hoax. He is even offering a large award to anyone who can prove evolution scientifically exists. Of course, such an award, by itself, completely misconstrues the nature of scientific theories. He might as well offer an equivalent award to anyone who can prove that gravity "scientifically exists." (Actually, the Newtonian theory of gravity was falsified, at least at very high speeds, and displaced by Einstein's theory of relativity.)

For the record, Mr. May claims that he is not anti-science, only anti-evolution. In other words, he is only anti-some-science, i.e., science he doesn't like.

One more interesting tidbit about Mr. May: He is a former evangelical Christian teacher and marriage counselor, who also owned Ireland's first sex magazine. The perfect resume for a crackpot anti-scientist.

Hat tip: The Daily Mail


  1. John May is not Ireland's Science minister. That would be Conor Lenihan- who is friends with Mr May.

  2. Sorry Daniel, it may be the Daily Mail's mistake (I haven't read that article), but that's completely incorrect.

    Conor Lenihan is the Minister for Science. He was going to launch Mr. May's book yesterday but withdrew at Mr. May's request (Irish Times article here:

    To quote Mr. May in the IT article: "He doesn’t even believe in my central argument".


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