Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Search of Miles

Having ridden just under 100 miles so far this month, I am sorely in need of miles on the bike, especially after two busy days of meetings in Bloomington. After the rains ended this afternoon, I got out for a nice, moderate 40-mile ride with the guys (David, Karl, Frank, Mark, and Ken), all of whom were intent on keeping the ride at tempo pace. We averaged 18.5 mph for the ride, keeping it mostly under 25, with the exception of a couple of wind-aided segments. It was my longest ride in about 3 weeks, and my second longest ride since the crash on August 7th. My lower back and hips are just a bit stiff now; we'll see how they feel tomorrow morning.  Hopefully they'll be good enough for another moderate ride tomorrow. My goal is to gradually ramp up the miles as my slowly healing injuries allow.

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