Monday, September 20, 2010

Day One of Lincoln Institute Conference

Day 1 of the Lincoln Institute Conference on the Evolution of Property Rights in Land and Natural Resources" has finally come to an end. It was long and it was good. I presented a paper and a half (with Lin Ostrom presenting the other half of our joint paper), and both presentations went reasonably well. I enjoyed a bit of back-and-forth with Richard Epstein, who made some thoughtful comments and criticisms during the discussion, which will definitely help me improve both papers for the book.

All the panels today were really, really good. The papers were pretty uniformly excellent, and the discussants were truly outstanding. The conference is turning out even better than I had expected, and I expected a lot given the very high quality of the participants. Greg, Hong and the other folks at the Lincoln Institute have done their usual great job of putting on a great event. Just as good as (if not better than) the conference, was dinner this evening with several of my favorite social scientists (not including Lin, who was unable to make it).

With my own presentations out of the way today, I'm very much looking forward to Day 2 of the conference tomorrow, when I'll be able to sit quietly, listening and learning a lot from the other presenters and discussants.

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